Most Successful Anime Entertainers

Many anime worlds are so bleak and full of chaos that it’s easy for characters to lose hope. Although heroes may sometimes raise their morale, there comes a need for people to take their minds off their troubles. Fortunately, entertainers of all stripes provide the ability to do just that with flying colors. Here is everything you need to know about the most successful anime entertainers.

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Rohan Kishibe: JoJo’s Bizarre AdventureRohan Kishibe

Rohan Kishibe was the most prolific entertainer in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. His obsession with making his manga perfect compelled him to capture and nearly kill Koichi Hirose by stripping him of his life’s pages and using them for inspiration.

He was also the only manga artist to keep up with deadlines even though Pucci’s “Made In Heaven’ Stand accelerated the universe itself so that years occurred in a matter of seconds. Kishibe’s success is both on account of his “Heaven’s Door” ability and natural talent.

Varrick: Legend Of KorraVarrick

Legend Of Korra’s Varrick created movies for the masses to enjoy. Superficially, they were high-action low intellect films that followed Bolin’s heroism. However, their true purpose was to incite the people of Republic City to go to war with Unalaq and his minions.

Although Unalaq’s threat was very real, Varrick’s motives were not altruistic. In actuality, he wanted to sell arms to Republic City, which would have made him profit from the conflict both for his movies and for the weapons he’d distribute.

Brook: One PieceBrook

Brook’s music career took off after being enslaved by the Long-Arm Tribe. They initially used him as a sideshow but he eventually grew so popular that they took their act across the world. Brook gained more autonomy in his performances, eventually even becoming a household name.

Brook’s musical career was so widespread that even Giolla acknowledged him as a fellow artist. His reputation saved the Straw Hats and Thousand Sunny since it made the pirate lower her defenses.

Gentle Criminal: My Hero AcademiaGentle Criminal

Gentle Criminal was once a petty villain in My Hero Academia. Although clearly talented, his technological illiteracy limited the extent of his reach. However, partnering up with La Brava provided him both the audience he deserved and further enhanced his ability to remain completely anonymous.

Eventually, Criminal became an online sensation. He hoped to finalize his notoriety by crashing U.A’s school festival. One way or another, Criminal finally received the notoriety that he’d always dreamed about.

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Midnight: My Hero AcademiaMidnight

Midnight was one of the most successful entertainers in My Hero Academia. Acknowledged for her widespread appeal, she was selected both to help the students develop their own image and to host the yearly Sports Festival. Midnight proved a natural in the latter since she was capable of adapting under the most intense circumstances.

Even when students fought to avoid deadly robots or lost their cool in the coming tournament, Midnight’s professional level of showmanship seldom diminished. Her loss made for one of the series’ most tragic moments, especially given how fondly both heroes and ordinary civilians regarded her.

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