My Hero Academia Chapter 339 (Hatsume’s Inventions) Raw Scans and Release Date

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About MHA

The story follows Izuku Midoriya, a middle school boy with no abilities. He aspires to be a hero and contribute to world peace and stability, where the weak are the minority that must be protected.

My Hero Academia Chapter 338 Recap

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Aoyama Family Reveals Secrets

Inspector Tsukauchi expresses his dissatisfaction with the Aoyamas. Midoriya claims that Aoyama is their only way to go to AFO, but Tsukauchi remains suspicious.


The Aoyamas admit that they did not alert AFO about the Kamino Raid since they couldn’t reach him unless he first did. Present Mic reminds out that it is better not to re-trust Aoyama.

My Hero Academia Chapter 339

This statement is counteracted by Iida’s replies that they should support their comrade in their hour of need. Kirishima questions Aoyama on how he was worried about being socially ostracized even when he knew how Midoriya was accepted.

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Aizawa Crafts A Plan

My Hero Academia Chapter 339

Aizawa, who had been present via video chat, asks Midoriya if he has a strategy. With the three Aoyamas’ ears covered, he explains his own plan to everyone. Everyone in the room can be seen with visible shock when they hear it.

Later, Class 1-A congregates in their room to prepare for the ultimate battle. Lida asks Midoriya what they should do about their torn costumes and Midoriya responds that he will need a major update if he wants to use all of the Quirks stored in OFA.

My Hero Academia Chapter 339; Defeat AFO
Defeat AFO

Every student in Class 1-A decides to defeat AFO. As Midoriya approaches the door, it explodes, and Mei Hatsume falls on him.


My Hero Academia Chapter 339 Spoilers

The raw scans for the upcoming chapter have been released and here’s everything we need to know.

Hatsume’s Contributions

The title of Chapter 339 is ‘The Story Of How We All Became Heroes – Part 2′, which is an appropriate title for a chapter that explores the past and solidifies the backdrop. The development studio that is in charge of overseeing the UA barrier has been expanded.

Deku discovers that there is no simple way to fix Hatsume’s Mid Gauntlets. She needs to make a copy, but it’s hard because they don’t have all of the ingredients needed to make the same compression characteristic.

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She is still working on making the barrier safer and stronger, and she talks about how inventions enable heroes to do good. Then she offers Deku and Lida gloves to help them win their bouts.

Mount Lady and Class 1-A exit the UA grounds. According to Mount Lady, their first objective is still to discover the League and the Liberation Army.

Aoyama’s Fate

Yuga Aoyama: The Traitor In My Hero Academia Chapter 336
Yuga Aoyama: The Traitor

Students are nonetheless concerned about Aoyama’s decision to join them. Shoto feels he will because he must maintain his principles as a Hero.

The action moves to Kansai, where Fatgum, Tamaki, and Nejire are rescuing people from a villain’s actions. Fatgum believes their next conflict will be a full-fledged war.


All Might’s Plan

All Might and Hawks enter a building on the final page. All Might claims to have acquired all he needs to carry out his plan.

My Hero Academia Chapter 339 Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 339 is scheduled to get released on January 3, 2022. Shonen Jump had earlier announced that the mangas will be postponed due to New Year Celebrations. You can read the latest chapters from Viz Media and MangaPlus.


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