No Tribe Nine Episode 13 As Series Closes With Ojiro’s Defeat!

Tribe Nine Episode 8

There will be no Tribe Nine Episode 13 as the series ended with Episode 12. Ojiro himself has come to fight Aoyama while the race to defeat him intensifies. Will Ojiro be bested or will he continue to rule over Neo-Tokyo. Read this article to find everything about Tribe Nine Episode 12. 

About Tribe Nine 

Tribe Nine is set in a dystopian future (the year 20XX) in which unorganised youths create their own Tribes, which quickly turn violent and terrorise Neo-Tokyo. To quell the unrest, Neo-government Tokyo enacts the “XB Law,” which states that all future disagreements between Tribes would be resolved by games of “Extreme Baseball,” which will be overseen by artificial umpires.

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Recap of Tribe Nine Episode 12 

Tribe Nine Episode 12 is the last episode of this anime. Lord Ojiro has himself come to play XB. Aoyama gets flashbacks of Ojiro and him playing XB. Ojiro’s secretary reaches the Anti-Gravity Reactor to destroy the Otori family. She dreams of installing a puppet ruler and ruling from the shadows. 


Tribe Nine Episode 13

The Chiyoda Castle is falling towards the city. Haru and Kaiga rush to stop it. We continue getting glimpses of Aoyama’s childhood. He unstraps the support around his arm and punches Ojiro badly. Aoyama’s teammates try to save him but Ojiro overpowers them all. 

Tribe Nine Episode 13

But with teamwork, they finally defeat Ojiro. The Otori family loses control over neo-Tokyo and things normalise. The new government withdraws the harsh XB laws and tribe conflicts come down. 


Tribe Nine Episode 13

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Spoilers for Tribe Nine Episode 13 

There are no spoilers as the series ended. But there are rumours of the release of XB game on virtual platforms. Visit our website for regular updates. 

Where to Watch

If you are in Japan, you can watch the latest episodes of Tribe Nine from Tokyo MX. Another amazing website for streaming this anime is Funimation but it is not available in every country. Moreover, it is not free and requires you to buy a monthly subscription of $5.99 per month.



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