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Sarada Uchiha’s Strongest Jutsu In Boruto

Here is everything you need to know about Sarada Uchiha’s strongest Jutsu in Boruto.

Chakra Enhanced StrengthChakra Enhanced Strength

Chakra Enhanced Strength is a technique that utilizes delicate chakra control to enhance one’s physical punches. By applying maximum chakra to their fist immediately before impact. The user’s strikes can annihilate opponents or destroy large structures.

Sakura Haruno is widely considered the strongest kunoichi following her own master, Lady Tsunade. When Sakura taught her this Technique, Sarada was able to perfectly match Sakura’s chakra level using her Sharingan.

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Sharingan GenjutsuSharingan Genjutsu

The Uchiha clan was once feared as Konohagakure’s strongest due to their unique Kekkei Genkai. Using it allowed them to copy any jutsu through observation. As well as inflict strong Genjutsu on their opponents through basic eye contact. The Sharingan: Genjutsu can control an opponent’s actions, and render them unconscious.

Besides her father, Sarada is the only other person capable of performing the Sharingan: Genjutsu. She capably utilized this technique to save a group of civilians from marauding pirates.

Fire Style: Fireball JutsuFire Style: Fireball Jutsu

Besides their Sharingan, the Uchiha were also feared for their Fire Release techniques. Among these was the Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu, which allows a user to produce a giant fireball. The mastery of this deadly jutsu is the mark of a Uchiha clan member reaching adulthood.

Sarada used her clan’s Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu for the first time during the Chunin Exams. While facing Araya of the Hidden Sand, she used Uchiha’s signature technique to incinerate Araya’s puppet double. Sarada later used an advanced version of the technique, the Great Fireball Jutsu, to help defeat Kakou.

Thunder ArmorThunder Armor

Thunder Armor allows Lightning Style users to shroud themselves in electricity. Similar to Uchiha’s Ultimate Defense: Susanoo, the electric field protects the user from direct assault from enemies. It also increases their speed, allowing them to outmaneuver stronger opponents before electrocuting them.

Sarada also learned Thunder Armor by copying Buntan with her Sharingan. This gave her an edge over Buntan in battle, as she was able to match her speed. It remained available for use in all subsequent battles, bolstering Sarada’s advanced speed to inhuman proportions.

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Lightning Ball JutsuLightning Ball Jutsu

The Lightning Ball Jutsu allows a Lightning Release shinobi to create one or more spheres of floating electricity. These spheres can be employed as a shield, and used in coordination ninjutsu. Skilled Lightning Ball users can also fire off this technique in rapid succession.

Sarada utilized the Lightning Ball Jutsu as one of her primary attacks afterward. She used it during the Chunin Exam to expose Araya’s deception, prevent the Mizukage’s murder. And defend Team Konohamaru against enemies who wish to do her comrades harm.

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