Edens Zero Chapter 177: Release Date and Spoilers

The latest release was quite a fun packed chapter. We got to see the Edens Zero equivalent of the classic anime “beach” chapter/episode as the crew members all have a relaxing day at planet Dahlia’s popular vacation spot. There are also some really humorous and cute moments in the interactions between some characters. 

However, the chapter ends on a serious note with the appearance of Holy who makes a surprising proposition. Here’s all you need to know about Edens Zero Chapter 177!

About Edens Zero 

The manga follows the life and adventures of Shiki after he first encounters Rebecca and her feline companion Happy in Granbell Kingdom. When they realize that Granbell may have become too dangerous for them, the three of them embark on an adventure through the Sakura Cosmos, with an objective to make more fun videos and also find the elusive goddess Mother. Shiki is determined to achieve this goal and explore the entirety of space together with his new friends.

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Recap of Edens Zero Chapter 176

  • The Edens Zero crew had previously planned to have some maintenance done to the ship at Blue Garden. But because they were intercepted by Feather and the Union Army and had to retreat, they couldn’t fix their ship.
  • So, Shiki and his friends are now on the planet Dahlia to give the ship the care it needs. There’s a repair facility for large vessels on this planet to get the job done.
  • The planet also boasts a popular summer vacation spot called Ryuzetsu Land. The crew members all relax and have fun biding their time in the water park.

Edens Zero Chapter 176

  • Shiki tries to make friends with people but instead ends up scaring them away. We see Connor also chilling as he asks why the need for a repair shop when they could have just let the Edens Zero’s ether drive automatically refine its ammunition.
  • Hermit replies that ether drives aren’t all powerful and that they also need maintenance. She further adds that another good reason to make this stop at planet Dahlia is because the poolside is the ideal place to get her programming done.
  • The chapter offers various humorous scenes like this. There’s one with Laguna and Kleene as they chaotically mess with the water. There’s another fun bit with Weisz and Homura as Weisz makes the river flow faster so that Homura can practice running against the current.
  • We also get a cute moment with Rebecca and Shiki as she kisses him on the cheek while they take pictures at the photo booth.

Edens Zero Chapter 176

  • Then, the tone of the chapter suddenly changes as Shiki and Rebecca notice a commotion happening nearby.
  • Turns out it’s Labilia getting harassed by a rowdy group of men. Shiki and Rebecca show up to help her and Rebecca and Labilia both recognize each other.
  • The sleazy men also recognize Rebecca as a famous influencer and threaten to take down Shiki. But just then, Holy shows up and scares them away with the mention of her being a part of the Interstellar Union Army’s Oracion Seis Interestelar.
  • As Rebecca and Shiki put on a defensive stance, Holy tells them she’s not their enemy and proposes that they join forces with her.

Edens Zero Chapter 176

What Can Happen in Edens Zero Chapter 177? 

  • The title of the upcoming episode is “Holy Judgement”.
  • Holy’s sudden proposal to join forces is quite suspicious. As far as we know from Chapter 175 during her call with Feather, she was very bent on capturing Shiki and the crew.
  • There’s no way she changed her motive so quickly. She must be planning something, that’s for sure.
  • Besides that, Labilia’s appearance may mean that she has a role to play in this arc. We may also find out the cause of her fallout with Rebecca. Hopefully, she has changed her behavior towards Rebecca too.
  • If Labilia shows that she has genuinely changed her ways, we could possibly see her joining the crew this time around.

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Release Date of Edens Zero Chapter 177

Edens Zero Chapter 177 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

Where to Read? 

You can read the upcoming chapter and the rest of the series on Amazon Kindle, ComiXology, and Crunchyroll.


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