The Witcher Season 2: March 2021 Updates From The Set

There are a lot of things that are not right on this Earth right now, but one thing that we are excited about is that the number of shows we get to watch.

With the Witcher season 2 about to finish its shooting by the end of this month, we have some serious updates from the set for the ardent fans.

Major Fight Sequence

Cavill, who recovered from a recent Hamstring Injury, was seen back on the set a few weeks ago, and now he has finished filming this intense big fight scene with Wolfgang Stegemann.

There is a rumor that it was this scene that initially gave Cavill the injury. Anyway, the scene is supposed to happen in Kaer Morhen and will involve a lot of Witchers.

Jaskier Is Back


A lot of things happened between Geralt and Jaskier, and at last, we saw them go their separate ways, angry and pissed.

While Geralt was wrong and needs to apologize to the bard, we didn’t know when it will happen. Until now, there were no confirmations of Jaskier actor on set, and finally, we got to confirm it.

Filavandrel actor, Tom Canton, had a funny way of welcoming Joey Batey on set, and we have a video.

New and Improved Armor

Now, among a lot of things that caused distress to original Witcher fans, the first season’s Nilfgaardian armor was a deal-breaker.

While Nilfgaard has become a force to reckon with, fans thought the armor looked cheap and completely wrong.

But feat not, Lauren Hissrich has made drastic changes to the armors, and the new ones are way better.

Flashback to Cintra



Both the actors playing Pavetta and Duny were seen back on set. While this could mean that it could be just a flashback scene, we might get to see what happened to them both.

According to the book, Pavetta found about Duny’s true intention and caused the shipwreck. Let’s wait and see how they carry on here.

Eskel’s Death

In the book, no main character dies in the plot the second season is revolving around, but the show writers have chosen to go another way.

According to a recent report which confirms the things we saw last year, shows Eskel‘s body being fed to the wolves as a Witcher funeral tradition.

Neither does Eskel die, nor does the Witchers have such tradition, according to the book, so that is totally new territory.

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