Tokyo Revengers Chapter 240: Release Date and Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi and gang are at the venue of the fashion competition, watching the final round as Mitsuya’s piece is presented. Mitsuya wins the award but he makes a very surprising and unexpected move, shocking everyone. Curious about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 240? Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the upcoming chapter.

About Tokyo Revengers 

Takemichi Hanagaki’s life is extremely unsatisfying and things get even worse when he learns that his ex-girlfriend from middle school, Hinata Tachibana has been killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang. The next day, wondering where it all went wrong, he’s at the station platform and when he ends up being pushed over onto the tracks, he thinks he’s going to die.

But when he opens his eyes, he finds that he’s travelled back 12 years in the past. Now that he’s back reliving his old life, Takemichi resolves to join the Tokyo Manji Gang to alter the future and save Hinata.

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Recap of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239

  • The chapter begins with Takemichi, Chifuyu and Hakkai waiting with bated breath as the final round of the fashion competition commences.
  • Then, we get a backstage scene where Mitsuya is putting on the finishing touches to his creation. Just then, his turn comes to showcase his design.
  • Everyone is left in awe as his design with the theme “Twin Dragons” is presented. The judges are highly impressed too with one even praising it by saying that it’s very bold yet thorough work.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239

  • Takemichi watches on with pride and takes a minute to remember Draken and wonders if Draken could see this beautiful moment play out.
  • Soon after, the winner of the competition is declared to be Mitsuya. Hearing this, Takemichi concludes that Mitsuya is an incredible person who belongs in the world of fashion and not the world of delinquents.
  • When Mitsuya shows up on stage, people are baffled as he appears in his gang uniform and Takemichi also notices Draken’s tattoo on the side of his head.
  • Mitsuya first expresses his gratitude for the award. He goes on to narrate how Takemichi, a junior of his, came to confess his desire to fight and save a former friend. He then asks Takemichi in front of everyone if he can join their team too.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239

  • Much to everyone’s immense shock, Mitsuya declares that he rejects the award. He apologizes to all who helped him and the judges who selected him too.
  • The atmosphere becomes chaotic as the audience and the judges get riled up at his firm rejection of a prestigious award which could very well ruin his future.
  • In response to these accusations, Mitsuya strongly responds that despite how great the award is, if one were to abandon their friends who made them happiest for the award, then that award is a shitty one.
  • As the crowd boos him, Takemichi looks at Mitsuya on stage with huge reverence and emotion in his eyes. The ending side quote of the last panel reads, “The real trophy was the friends we made along the way”.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239

What Can Happen in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 240? 

  • It’s sad to see everyone putting their good futures on the line because they all want to take that small chance to save Mikey.
  • But Mitsuya rejecting the award doesn’t necessarily mean an end to his potential career as a designer. It’s evident people loved the design he made.
  • So, even the fact that he was able to win this award shows how much potential and talent he has to succeed in the world of fashion. This chapter showed that Mitsuya definitely has a future in fashion whether he accepts the award or not.
  • Also, now that Mitsuya is joining them, we’re very sure he’s going to come with a new design for their uniform to replace Chifuyu’s shirt.
  • Another thing is that Mitsuya mentioned “to fight a former friend”. This tells us that Mitsuya still considers Mikey his friend but he may also have a bone to pick with him. This is because Mitsuya may be upset that Mikey chose to push him and everyone else away instead of letting them help him and his darkness.

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Release Date of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 240

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 240 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.

Where to Read? 

You can read the upcoming chapter and the rest of the series on the Kodansha website or the Mangamo app.

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