Who Is The Oracle? Auntie IM in Café Minamdang Gets Bloody Introduction

The Oracle Cafe Minamdang

Our minds have swayed from Gopuri being someone who is interested in Shamanism to him/ her being an actual Shaman in Café Minamdang with The Oracle’s introduction.

While we get a glimpse of Auntie IM’s locker, we see the Gopuri knot and also a case file on Nam Han-Jun.

Is The Oracle Gopuri?

Who is Oracle In Cafe Minamdang?

We did see her ferocious yet elegant dance followed by a bloody voodooism while she got the congratulatory phone call from the winning candidate for mayor, she says all of it was thanks to “HIM.”

Now the next question is who is she talking about. Because she already fits the profile of Gopuri. She knows Gopuri knot, capable of killing without conscience, and has a strong aura around her too, but to whom does she give all her glory?

Who Is The Oracle?

While she lives in a really big traditional building, she also seems to decide who will be killed next.

Well, at least we know she is the one writing the names on the Gopuri knot and delivering whoever “HIM” wants to be murdered.

But we are stumped, all we thought until now is that Gopuri likes to use people to do his dirty work and blame someone else, but this new episode seems to involve a whole bundle of people and organizations, making us wonder what we knew until now.

Is Gopuri just an errand guy?


While we know Nam Han-Jun saw his face this time around, and Prosecutor Cha got a glimpse of the burnt hand mark, too, looks like Gu Tae-Su, aka Gopuri, is just an errand guy who does what is said.

Now that we know Gu Tae-Su was the one that killed our Han Jae-Jeong, we are waiting to know why and who gave the order to kill him.

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