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Will Darcy Lewis Return in Thor: Love and Thunder?


We never got enough of Darcy Lewis in the MCU, and fans want her to keep appearing in more projects.

Most relatable Charcter?

It is a given that they love her character as she is one that most audiences can link to. She has no powers; she is funny, sarcastic, still gets shocked when something superhero-ish happens, and keeps it real.

She also brings the realistic factor to other characters in the project, let it be in the movies or the show. In Thor Dark World, we often saw her yelling, ‘this is too much for some credits.’


That is actually understandable. I mean, who would risk their lives and get caught between the battle with the Gods just to get extra credits, right? But she did end up helping a big way.

Intern to Doctor

Darcy Lewis may have just added to the comedic part in the previous Thor movies, but in WandaVision, as we saw, she provides more than that.

Apparently, Jane Foster and Erik Selvig inspired her so much that Lewis dropped her Political Science degree and went on to get a doctorate in Astrophysics.

Now Darcy is the only one who could do something about the West View bubble. Every technology of S.W.O.R.D failed to do so, and only Darcy was quick enough to get her brain working.


Will she return in Thor 4?

Now she is enjoying the show with popcorn, and we would give anything to be in that place too, so would Kat Dennings.

Fans have been buzzing around Dennings asking if she will return in Thor: Love and Thunder. With Natalie Portman’s exit in Dark World, Dennings also never appeared in further Thor movies or other MCU movies.

Always a ‘Yes’ for you!

Now that Portman is back, fans thought it is natural that Dennings come back too. But according to Dennings, she hasn’t got any call as of yet but would always be ready to jump in if Marvel calls.

“Well, I didn’t get a call, so I kind of doubt it since they’re shooting it right now, so probably not, but anything Marvel ever asks of me, the answer’s always yes.”

With Thor 4 shooting in progress now and with the majority of the cast already present, it is reasonable to think that she may or may not appear.

There are chances that Marvel is keeping her return under wraps, and she could just be fooling us. Also, there are chances that she still hasn’t gotten that call from Marvel.

Suppose she was just revived for WandaVision? That seems unlikely. Why bring in a character, give her a doctorate and make her a big part just for one show?

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