Best Demon Romances In Anime

Here is everything you need to know about the best demon romances in anime.

The Ancient Magus’ BrideThe Ancient Magus' Bride

Fans of “Beauty and the Beast” should watch The Ancient Magus’ Bride. Elias Ainsworth may be a strange and austere creature, but he looks out for Chise right from the start. She shares an affinity with him because of her latent magical powers, which he wants to help her control.

What starts as a teacher-student relationship soon expands into a quiet romance. Elias is frightening-looking. He’s taller than any man, and he bears an animal skull for a head. But he’s so patient and protective of Chise that it’s easy to warm to his character.

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Dance With Devils

Dance With Devils

Dance with Devils is a supernatural reverse harem where Ritsuka must work with devils and fallen angels. It is about a war between vampires and “devils,” which are essentially demons. There’s a strong Phantom of the Opera feel because the devils often break into songs about seducing Ritsuka.

The grimoire plot is highly secondary in importance when it comes to writing. The plot is more of a vehicle for Ritsuka’s romance with several possible love interests. The vampires and devils may be set in a musical world, but their personalities still align with most other vampires and demon Gothics.

Love Between Fairy And DevilLove Between Fairy And Devil

The anime version of Love Between Fairy and Devil plays up more of the comedic aspect of Dongfang Qingcang and Xiao Lanhua’s romance versus the live action, which is more dramatic. The extra dose of comedy doesn’t detract from the opposites-attract romance between the fairy and her demon.

Xiao Lanhua is sunshiney sweet and she can make mistakes. She’s also not nearly as powerful as her love interest, Dongfang Qingcang. But it’s nice to see a demon fall in love with a flower fairy despite himself.

Kamisama KissKamisama Kiss

Tomoe is the perfect tsundere demon love interest in Kamisama Kiss. He’s so surly that his snobbery and temper reads as humorous. He never goes too far with Nanami, though, even though he kicks and screams about it.

It’s hilarious to watch a powerful fox yokai be wrapped around the finger of a human lady. Nanami is also quite taken with Tomoe almost from the beginning. Their romance doesn’t progress at a rapid rate.

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There’s more than one demon love interest in Inuyasha. The human girl Kagome and the dog Yokai Inuyasha are the main romance, but the series has far more to offer in the demon realm than that.

The wolf demon Koga also declares his intentions for Kagome, and he pops up here and there to ruffle Inuyasha’s fur. The dog Yokai Sesshomaru also has several potential romance routes and one endgame love story. Inuyasha has a plethora of lovesick demons to appreciate.

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