Eleceed Chapter 179 (Noona Arrives) Release Date and Spoilers


Ji-suk’s sister arrives at Ji-woo’s place with some fruits as surprise gifts. Did she come to meet Ji-woo’s mother?Here’s everything you need to know about Eleceed Chapter 179.

About Eleceed

Ji-woo is a soft-hearted young man who is learning his new abilities after becoming an Awakener. Kayden, a man who can transform into a cat, helps him and guides him on his journey.

Eleceed Chapter 178 Recap

Chapter 177 started off with Ji-woo’s mom making a surprise visit to his house after a long time. They had not met each other for long since she worked at a pharmaceutical company abroad.

Then in Eleceed Chapter 178, we saw how Ji-Woo’s “Noona” paid a visit to his house too that very day and was surprised to see the gathering. Ji-woo’s friends and mother were all enjoying some food while bonding over talking about how nice he is. She is introduced as Ji-Suk’s older sister, Jiyoung Yoo.

Eleceed Chapter 179: Jiyoung Yoo
Jiyoung Yoo

Ji-woo introduces her as a member of the Awakeners’ Association and praises her for helping him find out his strength as an Awakener. His mom thanks her for helping him while Noona claims it was nothing much.

While Ji-woo introduces her as the strongest member of the Awakener Association, “Noona” is visibly embarrassed at being praised too much. Even his friends are confused and have comical humorous expressions.

Then, Ji-woo offers to cut the fruits that she brought so that they can all enjoy it together. After the mother-son duo leaves for the kitchen, Jisuk asks her why she came to visit him and speculates that it may have something to do with his mom’s surprise appearance.

Eleceed Chapter 179

Noona gets angry and slaps him so hard that his neck gets bent. The manga ends with the injured younger brother trying to get his neck back to its original position.

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Eleceed Chapter 179 Spoilers

The upcoming chapter will probably shed more light on the exact reason why she paid a visit at that very moment. Even if it was not planned, it will be interesting to see how Ji-woo’s mom and she will help each other learn more about Awakeners.

The raw scans of the manhwa are usually not released. That is why you won’t get spoilers and it is best that you wat till the official release date.

Eleceed Chapter 179 Release Date

Eleceed Chapter 179 is scheduled to get released on the 2nd of February 2022. Every new chapter of the Eleceed Manhwa gets released after every 7 days. Sometimes, three chapters get released at one go.

Where To Read

You can read all the manhwa chapters of Eleceed from the Webtoon app/website.

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