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Emily Vancamp To Reprise Her Role Sharon Carter In Disney+ Moon Knight.

The filming of Moon Knight for Disney+ is being carried out without many details being filtered, but at least rumors are arriving, recently we got to know about Punisher’s involvement in this series, and now it’s Sharon Carter. Also Check; How Moon Knight Will Face Punisher. Sharon Carter In Moon Knight The Ronin media point…


Captain America 4: Sharon Carter Will Continue As Power Broker For Long In The MCU

Sharon Carter’s transition to Power Broker was something fans didn’t expect when the show began, and according to Marvel, she is here to stay and might be in Captain America 4. Sharon Carter the Worst Carter? Well, to see her aunt Peggy Carter was the one who made a lot of changes, to see she…


TFATWS Episode 6: New Theory About Sharon Carter Comes To Light

A lot of things about Sharon Carter have been unanswered until now, and this new theory by Marvel fans might just answer every question. Is Sharon Carter good or bad? This is the question we have been asking ourselves ever since we saw her get in a car with someone and leave after Sam, Bucky,…


TFATWS Episode 5: Who Was Sharon Carter Talking To On Her Phone?

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier dropped its 5th episode today, and Sharon Carter, even with her limited time on screen, had our attention while speaking on her phone. What Is Sharon Crater Up to? Well, it looked fishy from the start that Sharon Carter was able to do everything and not be in trouble….


TFATWS: The Story Behind The Soundtrack During Slow-Motion Walk of Madripoor

Episode 3 of the Marvel limited series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, entitled “Power Broker,” is now streaming on Disney+. The episode introduces viewers to a location that should be familiar to comics readers but has never been depicted in an MCU movie or show before: the Southeast Asian island of Madripoor, a glimmering…


TFATWS: Is Sharon Carter The Power Broker?

If we know one thing about Marvel, that would be, never eliminate any possibility. According to fans, Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter‘s niece, is the Power Broker we heard in the second episode. The Good To The Bad  Thanks to Sam and Bucky’s constant bickering, we know that Sharon Carter was deemed an enemy of the…