The Witcher: Show Writer Defends Fan Fiction Writers


Fans may have just played a typical role in a movie becoming a hit back in the 90s, but now, fans run the show!

Fans Run The Show!

Without a doubt, fans have gone from just watching the movie and collecting action figures or posters to writing fanfic, theorizing, suggesting more plot stories.

Not only do these stuff give fans something to talk and interact about, but these things have also helped the movie or show writers in many ways they can count.

Maybe not every theory has helped the show writer with the powerful plot story and how to alter it, but definitely, without a doubt, it has kept the hype of the movie or the show alive.

Real Writers?


Fans nowadays write more theories and plot stories than the actual writers. Maybe, initially, it was just some random story they wrote; nowadays, they research the source materials or read the comics and do so much more before taking it to any platform and posting a theory.

Recently a Twitter user had tweeted how new aspiring writers take over from fanfics and how that makes them write even worse than they already do. This has been a reason of debate many times over in the writing community, and maybe we found the answer just now.

Witcher to the rescue

The new writer of The Witcher spinoff: The Blood Origin, Stewart-Ahn, didn’t want this Twitter user to get away telling that. Not only did Stewart come to the rescue of fanfic, but he also added that how much it has helped him being a fan.

He shared how he had jumped from playing the Witcher 3 over 350 plus hours to writing the spinoff series. He concluded by calling Fanfic F**king rules!

The feelings mutual; fanfics have always been a powerful way to engage with more people of likings and help people keep their minds off reality. It has helped so many worldwide to connect with some imaginary universe and keep their dream world colorful.

Nothing is perfect!

Marvel fandom

Yes, we agree that some fanfics are far from making any sense, but that doesn’t mean they are all. From the Witcher to big studios like Marvel, DC, and so many more thrive because fans are excited to such a higher degree.

They do so much and help keep the movie or the show in the talks and keep them relevant. So, Fanfic rules!!!




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