Why Are Spider-Man 3 Stars Teasing Us With Different Movie Titles?


The Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s fourth phase is up and running thanks to the release of WandaVision on Disney+, reigniting interest in the sprawling franchise that went unexpectedly and unintentionally dormant in 2020.

However, one particular installment of Marvel Studios‘ shared universe has yet to leave the consciousness of fans new and old: Spider-Man 3, a co-production with Sony Pictures. Between the seemingly endless stream of casting announcements, wild story predictions, and on-set photos, fans have plenty to think about in the months leading up to its release. Additionally, the threequel is still devoid of an official title, which has led to tons of speculation on its own.


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Keeping this in mind, the cast of Spidey‘s third movie — well, at least the third movie starring Tom Holland‘s iteration of Spidey — has begun to mess with fans in regards to its unannounced title.


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On February 23, 2021, Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland, took to Instagram to “reveal” the film’s title as Spider-Man: Phone Home. “So excited to announce the new Spider-Man title. Can’t wait for you a lot to see what we have been up to. Love from Atlanta,” Holland wrote in the caption of two photos: one of himself and his co-stars Jacob Batalon and Zendaya, and another of a title card.


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Mere moments later, Batalon — the actor who plays Peter‘s best friend, Ned Leeds — made a conflicting Instagram post, referring to Spider-Man 3 instead as Spider-Man: Homewrecker. He also shared an exclusive snap from the new movie, and his caption was equally enthusiastic as Holland‘s: “We’re so excited to share the TITLE of our new movie!! Swipe right for the big reveal!! also enjoy this exclusive still from the movie, just an extra gift from us.

Unlike Holland‘s, though, Batalon‘s “announcement” came fit with plenty of emojis, but we’re suspecting that’s just a difference in post-captioning preferences.)

Not to be left out of the fun, Zendaya then posted to her Instagram account another never-before-seen photo and title of her own: Spider-Man: Home Slice. “So excited to announce the new Spider-Man title. So proud of this one…FOS is back!

Whether or not any of these supposed titles are correct remains to be seen, but this otherwise playful public teasing might reveal something about Spider-Man 3 that fans have suspected for some time.

Is the Spider-Man 3 cast teasing the multiverse?

Spider-man 3 title is expected to be out soon

In the comments section of Holland’s Instagram post, Batalon left a very noteworthy reply. “Woah woah.. wait.. why is your[s] different?!?” the actor asked. Both Holland and Batalon were quick to comment on Zendaya‘s post as well, demanding that the three of them call the film’s director Jon Watts to figure out why each of them were told a different title. “Right… I have had enough of this! I’m calling Jon,” wrote Holland. Added Batalon, “Okay now this is just ridiculous… we have to talk to Jon!!

On one hand, that could be all there is to it, but there is always the chance that there’s more to the story than they’re letting on. In fact, this could be an elaborate hint that points to the inclusion of the long-rumored multiverse that many have cited as a pivotal piece of Spider-Man 3‘s story.

With Holland, Batalon, and Zendaya all “being told alternate titles” for their upcoming movie — even if it’s almost guaranteed to all just be in jest – could this be an allegory for their characters’ impending jaunt through parallel dimensions?

Do they each have different titles to share because … their respective characters will be placed in different universes in the movie? For what it’s worth, Batalon lost an incredible amount of weight for Spider-Man 3, and many think it’s because he’ll be playing regular Ned and a multiverse version of Ned that turns into the nefarious Spider-Man villain Hobgoblin.

Only time will tell what the real title of the movie will be. Until then, the ongoing saga of everyone overthinking everything pertaining to Spider-Man 3 will roll on all the same.


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