Marco’s Death Haunts The Survey Corps Members and Warriors in Attack on Titan Episode 84

Marco's death haunts The Survey Corps Members and Warriors in Attack on Titan Episode 84

The recent Attack on Titan episode had many important philosophical questions that forced the viewers and the characters of Attack on Titan to ponder over the ethicality of violence and collective guilt. It was an absolutely orgasmic experience to listen to both sides, Marleyans (including the Eldian warriors) and Eldians battle each other over arguments and discourses about history and justice.

In one of the scenes, Marco’s death functioned as a window to the inner lives of Reiner and Annie as well as the Survey Corps members especially Jean. Reiner and Annie got to relive their traumas and guilt as they spoke of how they murdered Marco after he overheard them having a secret meeting.

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Enemies Meet: Marleyans and Eldians Have Stew Together

Marco's Death Haunts The Survey Corps Members and Warriors in Attack on Titan Episode 84

After Mikasa and Jean agree to consider teaming up with Magath and the warriors to stop the Rumbling, all of them meet secretly in a forest to have stew as dinner. In that scene, Jean and Magath fight over which side is the right one as they argue over what happened in the past, going back to over 2000 years back.

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Later, as the conversation takes its own course, Yelena starts talking about Marco’s death and asks Jean about how he told her that Annie Leonhart played a role in Marco’s death. She asks him if he’s ever cared to find out about the truth about his death.

The Tragic Story of Marcos’s Death Narrated

Marco's Death Haunts The Survey Corps Members and Warriors in Attack on Titan Episode 84

Annie directly starts narrating the incident by starting with how she was the one who removed Marco’s vertical maneuvering gear. Reiner takes over and tells them that Annie was just following his orders.

Reiner tells them that to stop Marco from telling their superiors about their real identity, they decided to kill him. He slammed Marco into the roof while he was in the air. He held him down and told Annie to take off his ODM gear, which she reluctantly obliged.

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Then, they left him on the roof for a Titan to devour him, the half-eaten corpse was found later by Jean. Jean then asks Reiner if Marco said anything at the end before he met his gruesome death. Reiner, with a shaking voice, replies, that Marco said this chilling statement:

We haven’t had a chance to talk this through.

Marco's Death Haunts The Survey Corps Members and Warriors in Attack on Titan Episode 84

Reiner’s voice starts getting more emotionally charged as if he was trying not to let his strong emotions get the better of him. Then, he tells them about his split personality disorder as he starts asking his comrades why their friend, Marco was getting eaten alive by a Titan and why they weren’t doing anything.

He moves into action and slashes the nape of the titan who ate Marco probably to avenge Marco’s death. At this point, one can’t help but feel bad for Reiner and his fragile and tormented emotional state, which has been hinted at in the past seasons as well.

As Reiner starts finishing his story, Jean interrogates him about how the guilt messed up his head. He starts profusely apologizing, to which Jean retorts by telling him to shut up.

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Attack on Titan Episode 84
Reiner gets beaten up by Jean

Jean, in a moment of sheer rage, rains blows and kicks on Reiner as the others just watch in horror. He doesn’t stop until Gabi comes in the middle of the two and gets kicked by Jean. Only then does Jean stop his assault.

Attack on Titan Episode 85 Release date

The next episode is scheduled to get released on March 13, 2022. You can watch the series from Crunchyroll and Funimation legally but they require a monthly subscription.

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