Snyder’s Cut: Most Expensive Movie Ever Made


One thing with this superhero genre is that it needs a butt load of money to be produced.

Justice League which bombed severely in the box office in 2017, is now being remade with some alterations by its original director Zack Snyder. We all know why he left and who took over the project and finished it and the speculations surrounding that. If not, then read here…


The Snyder cut was initially budgeted at $30 million. There were plans on reshooting some scenes, change in Vfx and somethings more. But now it has doubled it’s cost and is on $70 million budget. And yet the work on the movie is not over, so there is no idea about the final cost.


Most Expensive

Justice League right now due to its first production cost of $300 million and now this $70 million, has become the most expensive film ever made. The title was previously owned by Avengers: Age of Ultron and Pirates of the Caribbean. Now there is some point in those movies being that expensive. They are sequels of box office hits and have been welcomed by fans worldwide. Since Justice League already took a severe blow with its first release, will it be worth it?

Worth The Risk?

Even though HBO max is the one releasing it on its platform, there are difficulties which will be faced by them to get the profit out of this movie. DC fans worldwide made sure they were given this movie again with its first intended glory. But we don’t know if the film bombed at first just because of the VFX. Might’ve been just the story? Still, fans couldn’t accept that and have asked for Snyder’s cut. And is now in the oven and is being baked. But don’t know if it will meet the expectations of all the fans.



Another thing that might be a problem is the availability of HBO max only in the states. Which will make fans worldwide just pirate the movie and watch. That will also give a blow to the profit. Unless HBO max is taken worldwide by then, Warner bro‘s might lose more money on this.

Fan Duties

Warner Bro‘s prayers right now should be that fans watch it and give fair reviews encouraging the others to watch it too. Because frankly many won’t be interested in watching a movie which they know the storyline ultimately. Very few might be the ones who would watch something for the VFX and edits and new cuts.

Snyder’s cut should be one of the biggest things for DC, establishing them as a worthy opponent to their competitor, Marvel’s Avengers. Even though it might be difficult to top them as of now, let’s hope that they at least get their money’s worth and please their fans.


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