The Witcher: Every Beast in The First Season Explained!

One of the best parts of The Witcher is getting to know many beasts and monsters while our handsome monster hunter is chasing them.

Some are very good and avoid human contact, and definitely, our Witcher here has a good heart and doesn’t hurt them, while some are so vicious that it could kill Geralt.

We saw some beasts appear in the first season; while those are just a few present in the Witcher Universe, we have so much more coming in the second season.

Only a few of the beasts were given some backstory in the Witcher, so here we bring you every backstory of the beasts we saw in the first season of The Witcher.



Yes, the one that Geralt fought in the first scene while he was introduced to the show. It appears like a giant spider with six legs, and the way Geralt tried to run points out that it is poisonous.

Geralt finally took Kikimora down. The monster we see here was first time introduced to the Witcher world through a short story called “Lesser Evil” and was also called Kikimore and not Kikimora.

Among them, three castes have been introduced in the games, the Queen, warrior, and worker. We have no idea which one among these Geralt fought in the first scene.



Yeah, the one that brings Geralt to Temeria. How could we forget this? It is, after all, the first time Geralt meets Triss Merigold.

Striga monsters are created when a human woman is put under a curse. In this case, it was the daughter of the King of Temeria.

During childbirth, the princess died with the child she had with her brother, King Foltest. While being buried in the tomb with her mother, Adda, being cursed, came alive and devoured her mom’s body.

Strigas only hunt at night, and not to mention they are swift and strong.

Geralt somehow did manage to help turn the monster back to human by keeping it away from the crypt till morning.



Even though we don’t get to see them in the series, we heard them being mentioned in the sixth episode.

According to the source materials, a Basilisk is a type of draconid (reptile-like creatures such as dragons). A basilisk has birdlike beaks, webbed wings, hooked talons, and a red dewlap.

Eskel has some history with the beast, so we might get to see them in the second season.

Anyway, these beats are rumored to have mythical powers where their eyes are enough to turn someone into stone.



Yeah, the goat-like monster we saw in the second episode that Geralt decided to spare. Thanks to that, he helped him and Jaskier from a similar situation later.

Sylvans are goat-like creatures and prefer peace. Here, Torque the Sylvan was caught stealing from the humans for the Elves by Geralt.




This is a show-exclusive creature that debuted in the fourth episode. It was shown as the sidekick of the mage assassin sent to kill the one Yennefer was protecting.

These cockroach-like creatures managed to kill so many guards that were guarding Yennefer. They are quick and lethal, and that makes them dangerous.

Villentretenmerth The Golden Dragon


In episode 6, we got to see the mighty Golden Dragon, who even Geralt thought was just a myth. This rare beast has a unique ability to change form and walk among humans unnoticed.

The dragon is known as Borch Three Jackdaws in this form. Geralt was hired by him to initially kill a Dragon even though Geralt stays away from killing dragons.

But later, it was revealed that they were recruited to protect a fellow dragon.



Well, the one used by Cahir to pose as Mousack to get her to come to him.

These creatures are not your ordinary doppelganger as they have the power actually to gain the memory and behavioral pattern of the one they are imitating.

As of now, we have no idea if Geralt has come across one, but Ciri is now with him, and he probably will get to know about them through her.



Oh, the reason behind Geralt meeting Yennefer and Jaskier almost dying. It is just like our Aladdin and the magic lamp but a lot darker.

These creatures grant three wishes and then go ahead, wreaking havoc where ever it pleases.

Our funny Bard sets it free and is hurt lethally by the monster, and Yennefer tries to control it by becoming its vessel and getting her wishes granted.

Finally, Geralt saves her by making his third wish, but the wish itself hasn’t been revealed.



A group of nekkers, otherwise known as ghouls, were the ones that almost killed Geralt in the first season’s finale.

Battlefields and cemeteries are like Buffet to them as they prefer devouring corpses. They have long, sharp claws and are in packs, so they have the upper hand at times.




Yeah, the one Jaskier saw in the bush and ran. These creatures are endangered and are supposedly rarer than the dragons.

Geralt tries to let him go without any harm, but Eyck chose to play the hero and kill the innocent beast.

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